Total Cooking Time: 2.50 min
Serves: 10-12
Budget: medium-high

For the flourless chcocolate cake:

230g dark chocolate
230g brown sugar
250g butter
6 eggs
1 pinch salt

For the creme au beurre:

125 g soft butter
125g white sugar
splash of water
4 egg yolks
1/2 shot of espresso

For the decoration:

100gr dark chocolate
edibel flowers (calendula, borrage, late di gallina, taraxacum officinales)


First prepare your baking tray and preheat oven:

  • Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celsius – NO FAN!
  • Line the bottom of your cake form with baking paper and close the ring around it

Second prepare your cake base:

  • First melt your dark chocolate over a double boiler (au bain marie)
  • Add in butter and combine with wooden spoon until all butter has dissolved
  • Take the bowl away from the heat and whisk in sugar
  • Then add the salt
  • Now add eggs slowly whilst whisking hard
  • Make sure everything is well combined and then poor into prepared cake form
  • bake for 25-30 minutes untill the cake has risen evenly (if after 25 minuted the center is still lower then the rest, give it another 5 minutes)
  • Then take it our of the oven and let cool down completly in the cake form. Losen up sides with sharp knife.

Now prepare the creme au beurre:

  • When the cake has completely cooled down your can start making the creme au beurre. Don’t let the creme au beurre stand for too long after it’s done, otherwhise it will become hard to frost the cake.
  • Make sure you butter is at room temperature
  • Split the eggs and put the yolks in a large mixing bowl
  • Make a sugar syrup on a low fire with the sugar and just enough water hydrate the sugar. Let the syrup come up to 121 degrees celsius (or when it starts to form strings when pulling a fork through it)
  • Now gradually poor the hot sufar syrup on top of the yolks whilst vigoursly whisking with electrical whisk.
  • Mix untill the curstard-like mixture is looking smooth and glossy
  • Cream the butter with a wooden spatuala and then later with the electrical whisk
  • Poor the custard-like mixture on top of the butter whilst mixing with the electical whisk
  • Now the creme au beurre is done and you can flavour it with a hint of coffee. Be carefull not to add too much liquid at this poin as it will split!

Time to assemble and decorate the cake:

  • Spread the creme au beurre on top of your cake (use your creative skills with a piping bag if you are up for a challange!)
  • Melt the dark chocolate and tranfer the liquid chocolate in a small piping bag.
  • Decorate the top of your cake by swirling it around freely
  • When the chocolate drizzle has cooled down place the edible flowers on top. VOILA – BON APPETIT!