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Lecture Organic Pest Control

Are you experiencing pests in your garden but don’t want to use nasty chemicals to battle them? This lecture will teach you about natural remedies you can use to combat pests in your garden. It is an in depth look into the world of pests and thier natural pesticides.

What topics will you cover?

You will be shown the main pests relevant in vegetable gardening. And be tought about their anatomy and biology. Also you will be given the tools to combat them. But most importantly you will be taught how to prevent pests from manifesting and how to plan you garden in order to establish a natural equalibrium of pests.

  • The workshop is December the 4th.
  • You can submit for this workshop until the 3rd of December before 15.00
  • We start at 10:00 o’clock
  • Coffee and tea are served
  • The price for this lecture is € 45.
  • This Lecture will only take place with a minimum of three apllicants. Final confirmation will be given one day prior to the Lecture via email.