What do we grow?

Fresh Veggies

We grow a wide variety of fresh vegetables, flowers and herbs for our customers.

Preferably we sell seasonal crates which we deliver to your doorstep (*within an hours drive radius of the farm).

Or to a distribution point of your choice if you can introduce a group of 3 other customers.

Here is an example of one of our crates.

Eggs From Pastured Laying Hens

Our hens get fresh pasture every day. Meaning they eat an extremely diverse diet of feed,

fresh grasses, herbs, insects, worms which are all full of the nutrients they need to produce truly delicious eggs.

You can order your eggs separately or add them to your veggie order.

Heirloom Pigs

Our farms produces high quality heirloom pigs which are raised 100% free range. They are inseminated naturally and spend their first 3 months with their mothers out in pasture. Besides that our animals have constant access to pasture and a creek with running water. A life fir for a pig!

Meat can be ordered in advance. We slaughter on average 2 times a month and sell per 1/8 – 1/4 – 1/2 or per whole pig.

Christmas Turkeys

We grow* free range turkeys.

*Turkeys are available only on pre-order.

We do not sell them all year around.

In case you would like to order a turkey please do so at least 6 months in advance.