We are a Proud Regenerative Farm

”It all started in the Kitchen”

It was in 2014 that Filipe and I decided to drastically change our life around.

We had both been cooking professionally for about ten years at that point and we ran our own restaurant in the Netherlands. We loved it, but something was missing. That something was the outdoors. Both of us always had loved the outdoors. We felt a disconnect between ourselves and the ingredients we cooked with every day. Everything always just arrived magically at our doorstep, but the origins, nutritional value, or growing methods where a mystery to us.

So when the opportunity presented itself we decided to embark on our dream of opening our own ‘Farm to Table’. Where growing all the food we cooked with was our main goal. A journey that has proven exhilarating,  exhausting and immensely rewarding all at the same time.

”Farming is a profession on its own and as two professional chefs the first year was a steep learning curve, is what Filipe would say if you asked him now about those first years. We definitely underestimated the farming business. We knew we wanted poison free, ethically grown produce. So we starting out simply organic. But after our first inspection we soon realised that the label organic just didn’t cut it! Still so many practices we did not agree with were allowed, plus the costs of the certification and lack of good inspection were a real dissapointment.

After much autodidactic efforts, help from family, friends we started adopting biodynamic and permaculture principles. But the real turning point came when we were introduced to regenerative agriculture. It was a real ‘ah-ha’ moment where a truly holistic model presented itself”. Economy Ecology and Society have to be in balance, and only that way can you secure a healthy, productive and economically viable future for our children.  We both took the Ridgedale Regenerative Masterclass and since then everything just clicked. We are so grateful for these past years and have learned so much. The farm started as our baby but really has become our teacher.