First Course

Creamy garlic soup with parmesan breadstick

Second Course

Stuffed and fried zucchini flowers on tabbule of koolrabi, koriander and apple

Third Course

Mozzarella, pecorino & basil dumplings in tomato sauce with smoked bacon

Vegetarian: Mozzarella, pecorino & basil dumplings in tomato sauce & fried zucchini

Fourth Course

Sweet pork ham with sweet & sour raisin- coriander cous cous, roasted fennel and fennel salad
Vegetarian: Poached egg on sweet & sour raisin- coriander cous cous, roasted fennel and fennel salad


Mint & strawberry tartlet

30 euro

Reservations & Payment

Reservations are advised. Please make reservation online, call or email us.

Please keep in mind we only accept cash.


What is La Bibioteca and what do we do?

La Bibioteca is an association -open to everyone- that organizes delicious Food Events, Workshops and Professional Cooking & Farming Courses on IndacoFoods’s organic farm. Our main objective is to promote sustainable agriculture and food.

Why become a member?

Becoming our member is simple. Before any event there is the possibility of joining our association. Simply by paying a 2 euro membership fee for a one year subscription. This will enable you to join in on any of our activities, fun workshops, delicious food events and of course dine at our dining club whenever you want!

Our menus

During the summer months starting May untill the end of September we serve a delicious 5 course Farm to Table tasting menu, which changes every week. We cook almost exclusivly with seasonal products from our organic farm IndacoFoods and other local organic producers. Check out this weeks menu above.

During the rest of the year we organise weekly culinary events every Sunday for Lunch. Please check out the upcoming events and the menus here!

Opening Times

Dal 1 Novembre ad  30 Aprile:  Domenica a Pranzo  13.00- 16.00

Dal 1 Maggio ad 23 Gugnio: Sabato a Cena 19.30- 21.30 e Domenica a Pranzo 130.00- 16.00

Dal 24 Gugnio ad 30 Agosto: Giovedi, Venerdi & Sabato a Cena (19.30-21.30) & Domenica a Prano (12.30- 16.00)

Dal 1 Settembre ad 30 Ottobre: Sabato a Cena (19.30-21.30) e Domenica a Pranzo (13.00-16.00)

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