Workshop: Slaughtering Poultry

Do you eat meat but feel that you should kow more about the process of the actual slaughter? Are you curious as to how one actually slaughters and butchers a chicken? We feel that all meat eaters should experience a slaughter up close at least once in their life in order to really understand what it takes to kill an animal. We as a society are far to much removed from these actions and therefore end up abusing animals in order to eat them. Come and experience/ perform a slaughter up close and become more aware about your meat consumption!

What can you expect?

During this workshop you will experience from beginning to end the process of a live slaughter and butchering of a chicken.
You will be given the opportunity to slaughter and pluck your own chicken. This actual killing is optional.

Afterwards you will be shown a quick demonstration of how to butcher a chicken into 6 pieces and spatchcock cut.

The course will end with a talk about animal cruelty and the modern day meat industry.

  • The Workshop is on November the 28th
  • You can submit for this workshop until the 27th of November before 15.00 o clock
  • We start at 10:00 o’clock
  • You will take home your own organic chicken.
  • Coffee and tea are served
  • The price for this Workshop is € 65.
  • This Lecture will only take place with a minimum of two apllicants. Final confirmation will be given one day prior to the Workshop via email.